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What's New?

In a nutshell, everything!

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I re-engineered the user experience to be faster, smoother and more intuitive. a.k.a. things you just expect in this day and age.

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Look! Look! Shiny new things to tap on.

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3D Touch

Owed now supports 3D touch. Apple says it's great, so it must be. See below for details.

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Built for iOS 10 using Swift 3, Core Data and some other things that you don't really care about.

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Even the piggy icon got a friendly makeover.

3D Touch

Owed has 3D Touch built right into the app.

The catch: You must have either an iPhone 6s, 6s+, 7 or 7+.

Look below to see how to use this new feature.

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Home Screen

On the home screen, pressing the icon of the app will display the Add New Person action. By selecting this action it will take you directly to the Add Person section of the app.

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To peek at the totals for that person, apply a little pressure to the Persons row with your finger. Simply lift your finger to exit the peek.

Older iPhones

Don't have 3D Touch, I still you

classic screen

Classic Mode

By default non 3D Touch phones will display Classic Mode.

Classic Mode shows you the totals of each person on the home screen.

3D Touch users, this is an option that you can turn on from the options window (tap on the options icon icon for the options window).

New Features

Here are some of the features for the new Owed app.

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    No sign-up needed!

  • email icon

    Email reminders

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    SMS reminders

  • 3d icon

    3D Touch

  • contact icon

    Use your contacts

  • history icon

    View your history

The Future

Built with expandability in mind.

I have a couple of ideas for new features and ways to expand on the ones that are already there.

As Apple improves the iOS environment, I will be sure to add those newly debuted features.

U.K. I hear you and I promise I'm working on adding more currencies.

Have a suggestion?

Sound off.

Let me know if you have an idea on how to improve the app. Or if complaining is your thing, you can do that too.